• What are "Plugins?"
    Plugins are turnkey features for your project. All are production-grade and ready to use in your project in under a second. Think of them as Lego™ for app developers. In many cases, developers have tended to use more than one instance of a plugin to satisfy varying needs of their build. All plugins can be installed as many times as you like.
    How do I use them?
    Start by installing a plugin. Hold the SHIFT key down and click on an icon. Once you've decided on the features to add. Click install. That's it! Then go check out the documentation in the "API Reference" sections of each plugin. There you'll find test consoles that will return "mock" responses (a.k.a. test data) or live calls to your production backend. You'll even find prebuilt libraries for (currently) PHP, JavaScript and Python. When you download them, they'll reflect all of the installed plugins for your project as well as your Graph user credentials. So... pretty much.. you're ready to go.
    Manage your plugins
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    Click any icon to explore it in detail. Hold the SHIFT key and click any icon to select it for install.