• What are "Websites?"
    Websites are exactly what they seem to be. They're integrated hosting servers included with your project. You can use a *.graph.fm domain (with complementary SSL) or use your own domain name at no additional charge.

    Now, that in and of itself, isn't that earth-shattering, we know. So we upped the anti on two levels.

    First, connect your Dropbox account and you'll can edit any of your web files, in real-time from anywhere you have access to Dropbox. Second, you can now built rich, dynamic server pages (like PHP, ASP.net, etc) but without writing ANY code. Instead, you build your pages by linking boxes with arrows in a graphical interface kind of like Adobe Illustrator or even Microsoft PowerPoint.
    How do I use them?
    When your account was created, we automatically set up a web server for you. You should see the first one next below. You can add as many more as you like using the "Add a website" field. To manage them, simple click one and you'll be taken to the settings and the cloud-based editor.